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Greg Bates Automotive: Products for Sale

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Exhaust Gaskets: After extensive dyno testing we have found that exhaust leaks are not only annoying, but rob precious horsepower as well. A tightly sealed exhaust system has shown time and time again to provide the best performance. We realize that as racing continues to get more expensive there is a need for innovative parts and services that will truly help the racer.

After continually struggling with exhaust leaks using stock style gaskets we decided to develop a gasket that would be reusable and reasonably priced. Once you try our product we are sure you will agree, performance and pricing are far superior than any other gasket on the market. Get yours today. Call us!

Brand new in the box OTC Wireless Tech Connect System only $475.00

Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda exhaust gaskets for sale!

Interested? Call us 217-253-2721

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